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Misco’s Values Statement

With an unbending belief in the Golden Rule and rooted in a family culture characterized by humility, the people of Misco Products are committed to the following values: Authenticity, Respect, and Reliability

Misco Products Corporation Company History

The founder of Misco, Richard Gable, was a research chemist for Armstrong Cork & Seal Company prior to purchasing the assets of the Miller Soap Company, which became the Misco acronym. Richard saw the need for a company to supply floor coatings and chemicals to strip the coatings off of composite vinyl tile floors. He began manufacturing and selling floor care chemicals in April, 1962. His research at Armstrong gave him a strong knowledge base in this area, and it was possible to begin formulating products based on customer’s needs and thus Misco Products Corporation was born. By focusing on customer needs, Misco has grown into a company that offers a complete line of cleaning and maintenance products and is “The Leader in Exclusive Branding”