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Capcium Inc. Solicitation Process

  • Founded in 2015, Capcium Inc., is a GMP softgel capsule contract manufacturer, located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
  • The company provides softgel encapsulation services for pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and health & wellness products
  • Capcium is the only North American located capsule manufacturer designed specifically to accommodate over-the-counter and medical prescription products, including controlled substances, with a standard processor license
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Unprecedented Opportunity to Invest in a State-of-the-Art Softgel Manufacturer

Key Investment Highlights

  • 4 Validated & operational manufacturing lines with a current annualized capacity of 950 million capsules
  • Over 3 Billion annualized capsule manufacturing capacity by 2025 based on the operation of 9 production lines
  • Attractive and diverse end markets
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC)
    • Nutritional
    • CBD
  • Compliant with Canada, USA, and EMEA regulatory authorities, including passing an FDA full site audit in 2023 without a 483 issued

Key Corporate Milestones:

Q3 2020: Completion of new facility construction

Q1 2021: Health Canada Standard Processing License

Q1 2022: Health Canada Drug Establishment License

Q2 2022: 1st PAI audit FDA | FDA site registration for RX & OTC

Q1 2023: FDA full site audit passed without a 483 issued

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility:

Full GMP compliance

  • Canada, US, EU GMP compliance
  • Fully integrated compliance and QA/QC capabilities

Manufacturing Process Improvements and Efficiencies

  • Highly automated manufacturing facility
  • Engineered for optimal in-line continuous production
  • Enhanced workflow to cut down on bottlenecks and production delays

Integrated Labs

  • State-of-the-art testing laboratories for customer products
  • Dedicated R&D laboratories for development of innovative solutions

Quality Control Standards

  • Specifically designed infrastructure to ensure that material and production cross-contamination risks are minimized or eliminated throughout the manufacturing cycle

Modular design with Diversification and Growth in Mind

  • Engineered to accommodate up to 10 softgel production lines
  • Internal floorplan that allows for the expansion and introduction of new technologies for our customers
  • Dedicated formulation rooms ensure production efficiencies (including dedicated vegan formulation room)

Interested parties should execute the accompanying Non-Disclosure Agreement and return it to the HCI professionals listed.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Contact Information:
David Dye | CO-CEO / CFO
(630) 605-5779
[email protected]