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Retail & Consumer Products

Hilco’s Approach

From store configuration and aging inventory assistance to operational efficiency, technology integration, and capital resources, the Hilco Retail Group has helped challenged operators worldwide to successfully overcome a wide range of complex challenges.

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Our Industries
Apparel & Accessories

The speed of changing trends and consumer preferences associated with apparel and accessories make it one of the most complex segments in retail. Over the past 30+ years, many of the world’s most prominent apparel companies and retailers have turned to Hilco and its Retail Group for assistance in improving operational performance and resolving complex situations.

Appliances & Consumer Electronics

Ecommerce growth and situational supply chain pressure have intensified competition across Appliance and Consumer Electronics retailing in recent years. The Hilco Retail Group is actively engaged with operators to address these and other evolving challenges.

Department Stores

The mall landscape has changed dramatically in many geographies nationwide. Adjustments to inventory management, store merchandising as well as considerations pertaining to lease restructuring and real estate portfolio optimization are critical to ensure viability and competitiveness moving ahead. Together with our fellow experts across the Hilco Global platform of companies our Retail Group is able to provide the optimal combination of valuation, monetization, advisory and capital solutions your organization needs to succeed.

Drug Stores / Pharmacies

Accommodating a broader range of goods and services has created new merchandising and staffing challenges for Drug Store and Pharmacy operators, including training and compliance associated with the urgent care clinic operations as well as administration of a growing number of vaccine and inoculation types. We have assisted many of the world’s leading providers to adapt and excel in the evolving market via development of innovative and effective strategies and delivery of practical and efficient implementations.


Recent expansion of online selling has been prolific, forever altering the retail/consumer goods landscape. The Hilco Retail Group has proven experience assisting business in navigating ecommerce evolution, omnichannel strategy and the symbiotic relationship between physical retail selling, warehouse, distribution center and 3PL locations and online marketplaces.


As Footwear sourcing and distribution become more complex, trends and brand preference are simultaneously being shaped via social media, driving greater levels of ecommerce purchasing and the need for seller infrastructure to accommodate that demand. Our experience in Footwear ranges from unlocking aging inventory, improving store and employee performance and enhancing operational efficiency via easy-to-integrate technologies, to the acquisition and re-positioning of underleveraged, iconic brands.

Furniture & Housewares

With a margin structure increasingly challenged by raw materials availability and pricing, extended production cycles, logistics capacity and retail operations costs, achieving success in the seasonally-driven Furniture and Housewares industry demands expertise and focus. With industry-leading asset valuation and disposition services, augmented by extensive advisory and specialty capital capabilities, we are helping to shape positive outcomes for those across the industry supply chain.

General Merchandise

As the range of goods being sold via “traditional” the general merchandise channel expands, procurement logistics and merchandising complexities grow as well. The Hilco Retail Group, together with experts from across Hilco Global’s operational improvement, receivables and other platform companies help ensure a smooth and successful transition during these and other transitional periods.


Consumer preference, product and category performance data are driving everything from merchandising strategy to the expansion of prepared meal offerings, personal shopping and delivery and pickup options in the consolidated grocery industry. Our Grocery Industry experts bring a proven track record of success in assisting operators to address and overcome complex internal and external challenges to their business growth.

Home Improvement

Smart home technology, IoT, and economic trends are shaping a new and promising reality for the Home Improvement and DIY market but the speed of innovation and the changing retail environment are also presenting operators with new challenges that often exceed their expertise and can distract from a focus on the core business. Hilco Global’s knowledge and experience pertaining the valuation and monetization potential of home improvement and DIY industry assets, as well as the enterprise value of manufacturers and distributors in the space, is unrivaled.


Like many of the diamonds, gemstones and cultivated products found in its retail display cases and wholesale vaults, the Jewelry industry is truly multifaceted as both a commodity- and seasonally-driven business with a complex inventory structure. Hilco Global’s Valuation and Monetization teams have extensive appraisal, disposition, operations and restructuring experience across jewelry retail and wholesale that can be highly valuable to both borrowers and lenders.

Office Supply

Disruption and consolidation in the Office Supply industry has altered its course notably in recent years, challenging profitability and long-term viability for many traditional operators. Our innovative and highly customized approach to addressing complex challenges has aided numerous well-known brands and businesses, both healthy and distressed, across the industry.


The post-COVID evolution of the industry continues and the already fast-paced nature of change in the industry has further accelerated, creating new challenges and obstacles for operators. Our cross-disciplinary Restaurant-specialty practice has assisted large and small operators with operations restructuring, business plan analysis, performance improvement, cash and vendor management, bankruptcy consulting and interim management services.

Sporting Goods

With large retail footprints, customers continuing to transact more online post-COVID and many brands adopting a more robust DTC model, the Sporting Goods industry is at a critical juncture. Hilco’s Sporting Goods experience spans 30+ years and includes a diverse range of involvement ranging from restructuring to store optimization and inventory disposition strategy and efforts.


Online sales, integrated/smart technology and a multitude of entertainment-based options to more traditional play/toys options continue to define the highly seasonal toy market. Across numerous shifts in the market landscape over the past 30+ years, we have expertly assisted the world’s largest and best known toy retailers and suppliers to address and resolve their complex and time-sensitive challenges.

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