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Smarter Perspectives: 2023 in Review

Take a Look Back at Some of Our Most Well-Read Smarter Perspectives in 2023

Smarter Perspectives are articles and podcasts that our leaders from across the Hilco Global platform of companies regularly share regarding industry sectors, asset class, business operations, and financial trends. In case you missed it, below are some of our most downloaded and discussed insights from 2023.

HPS Auto Supp Distress P1 SP Web Header

The Automotive/EV Landscape and Challenges Facing Industry Suppliers – Part 1​
Steve Savoy, Director – Hilco Performance Solutions
Ryan Gross, Director – Getzler Henrich & Associates
In this first article in our two-part series on the rapid and unpredictable evolution of automotive industry, we address the past and future course of the EV market, the potential ramifications of current UAW negotiations, and primary areas of risk concern moving ahead for automotive suppliers.

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HCR New Hire Reten SP Web Header

Effective Retention Of New Retail Employees Starts Early, During The Hiring Process
Mike Dwyer, Executive Vice President – Hilco Consumer – Retail
In this article we discuss how retailers can effectively optimize their retention of new hires, in what has become an increasingly competitive market since the Pandemic spurred-on the “Great Resignation.”

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HEVS Big Ticket SP Web Header

Are You Ready For Takeoff? Big Ticket Transportation Assets Offer Unique Investment Opportunities
Andy Blumenstock, Managing Director – Hilco Enterprise Valuation Services
This article explores how Big Ticket transportation assets can be ideal for investors seeking to expand and diversify their equity and debt portfolios.

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HPS PE 3.0 SP Web Header

Understanding Private Equity 3.0
Steve Savoy, Director – Hilco Performance Solutions
In this article, we explore returns achieved throughout the different eras of Private Equity’s evolution. We also detail various strategies that firms can take to successfully transition into the third stage of the industry, “PE 3.0.”

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HSB Meme Stock SP Web Header

Lender Considerations in a Meme Stock Environment
David Peress, Executive Vice President – Hilco Streambank
Jordon Parker, Vice President – Hilco Streambank
Recently, a new phenomenon in the public equity markets has emerged, commonly referred to as “meme stocks.” This article explores the events that culminated in the liquidation of Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), and the disruption caused by meme stock market dynamics on conventional valuation metrics.

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HRE TIF Conv SP Web Header

The Rise Of Office-To-Residential Conversions And The Role Of The Court Appointed Receiver
Mitch Vanneman, Vice President – Hilco Real Estate
Daniel Miggins, Vice President – Hilco Real Estate

This article discusses the rising use of TIF funds to enable the conversion of vacant office space in large cities across the U.S. to residential use, and the important role that the receiver plays in both protecting a lender’s interests during this process and helping to facilitate a future sale.

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Nearshoring Pod

The Many Nuances of Nearshoring in Mexico
Jan René Aguirre, Director of Investments & Business Development – Hilco Global Mexico
On this podcast, Jan René Aguirre addresses a range of distinct complexities and challenges that are frequently not anticipated, but are most typically encountered, by businesses engaged in nearshoring efforts in Mexico.

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HVS Generic Pharma SP Web Header

A Generic Pharmaceuticals Primer for Asset Based Lenders
Gary Dressler, Senior Director – Hilco Valuation Services
In this article we provide an overview of the generic pharmaceutical market and offer guidance for asset based lenders with related portfolio exposure.

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HVS HSB Beauty SP Web Header

Beauty Remains a Challenging Beast
Kirstin DiCecca, Vice President – Hilco Streambank
Gary Dressler, Senior Director – Hilco Valuation Services

In this article we take a look at performance, trends, challenges and recommended actions for lenders with portfolio holdings across the beauty industry in the back half of 2023.

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HRE Golf Advisory SP Web Header

Private Equity’s Impact On The Golf Landscape Is Far From Par For The Course
Ryan Rafter, Vice President – Hilco Real Estate
In this article we discuss how the current resurgence and evolutionary path of golf as an industry is creating timely opportunities for those seeking to acquire or sell certain real estate assets.

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HVS Cased Wine SP Web Header

Cased Wine Trends And Key Considerations For The Asset Based Financial Professional
Sandy Mickas, Valuation Director – Hilco Valuation Services
This installment in our wine market series discusses general guidelines for lenders when evaluating a prospective borrower or an existing portfolio account in the cased wine industry.

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