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Cutting-Edge Led Lighting Patents Acquisition Opportunity  

Hilco Streambank is seeking offers to acquire LiteSheet Solutions LLC or its assets. LiteSheet is the creator of the world’s most advanced LED lighting technology. The company’s patented technology is highly efficient and requires zero maintenance for over 15 years, is ETL-certified, and 100% manufactured in the United States. The assets primarily consist of an internationally registered patent portfolio, domain names, and trademarks as well as an operational 20,000 square-foot production facility located in Virginia.


An opportunity to acquire superior, specialized, long-lasting led lighting technology

LiteSheet’s patented BriteCor AC Direct Technology eliminates failure-prone DC drivers, which are standard in the LED lighting industry. LiteSheet technology is highly efficient and reduces ownership expenses by 40% – 80% when compared to DC-driven LED products, and is actively replacing these failing DC-powered products in the marketplace. LiteSheet’s technological advancements allow it to offer an industry-leading 15-year non-prorated warranty on its products, translating to substantial maintenance and savings for its customers over conventional DC-driven LED products.

LiteSheet has recently signed distribution contracts with Grainger and Applied Industrial who are trained and selling LiteSheet products. Both distributors launched product sales at the end of 2022 with significant sales growth expected in 2023.
Cost of Ownership

Comparison of a LiteSheet LED retrofit kit against a leading competitor’s LED tube and driver replacement over the course of each product’s service lifetime. Total maintenance cost savings equate to a superior value proposition.

The length of life for LED lights that the LiteSheet technology enables is of significant value in installations where the cost to repair or replace a light is high, including roadways, tunnels, large industrial or  warehouse facilities, building facades, etc.  In this regard, the LiteSheet technology is complementary to existing product portfolios and enables growth into large volume and specialized applications.

Novel technology protected across key jurisdictions

The LiteSheet technology has wide protection across key jurisdictions, including 12 issued patents across the U.S., China, and Canada, 3 patents published in the U.S., Europe, and India, and 3 completed Patent Cooperation Treaty-covered patents.

While standard LED lights and LED tubes deliver up to 70,000 hours of illumination before dimming to point of replacement, all LiteSheet products deliver over 230,000 lumen lifetime hours. LiteSheet’s BriteCor AC Direct Technology employs a redundant meshed LED array so each individual LED in the light engine operates at 20% – 40% of its rated drive current, allowing the LEDs to operate more efficiently for longer.

LiteSheet’s innovative and patent-protected meshed LED array replaces industry-standard LED drivers—reported by the Department of Energy as the top failure point of LED lighting—enabling product longevity that is far superior to competitors’ products in the market. LiteSheet delivers the first patented, commercially viable AC-direct lighting technology by deploying all solid-state components, removing the need for the driver’s weakest component, the electrolytic capacitor, which has an average lifetime of only 25,000 hours.



In an environment of increased enforcement of the Buy American Act, LiteSheet is 100% made in America. All components are manufactured and assembled in the U.S., ensuring indisputable BAA compliance.

Led Lighting Marketplace
The LED lighting market is projected to continue its multi-year growth, and at faster rates over the next seven years, with a projected 9.4% CAGR in North America alone, and with commercial applications accounting for more than half of a $55 billion global market in 2021.




A Low-Risk Proposition For A Proven Product

LiteSheet’s technology provides a low-risk proposition for an acquirer, as it has covered numerous go-to-market concerns: the patented product has full production validation of best-in-class LED lighting technology, proven in the field that an AC-direct LED works and lasts for decades in demanding applications, is ETL certified to UL standards as well as qualified by the Design Lighting Consortium, has proven it can cost-effectively manufacture in the U.S. with 3 SMT lines, and has a network of customers who return for more. A buyer of LiteSheet’s technology would be uniquely positioned to build upon existing sales and to capitalize on a rapidly growing LED lighting market that is dominated by commercial and industrial applications.



Assets For Sale
  • Patent portfolio including 15+ utility, design, and provisional patents in the U.S. and other key jurisdictions including Europe, China, India, and Canada
  • 6 U.S. Trademarks
  • Domain names and
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