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Operating Nanowire Development & Manufacturing Technology Company

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Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank has been retained by a Silicon-Valley based performance leader in nanowire-based technologies and conductive materials development and manufacturing (the “Company”). The Company seeks a purchaser of substantially all of its assets.

Accepting Offers

The Company has developed proprietary, patented nanostructure bonding processes that enable the manufacturing of nanoscale networks characterized by lower haze, higher light transmission, higher electrical
and thermal conductivity, higher packing density, and greater flexibility and formability than both incumbent ITO technologies and emerging nanowire competitors.

The patented technology enables the manufacturing of conductive and transparent films and sprayable inks, which are utilized in the manufacturing of consumer electronics touchscreens, automotive smart surfaces, and more.

Available Assets
  • 150+ Granted & Pending Patents & Applications
  • Significant Know-How & Trade Secrets
  • Supporting M&E & FF&E
  • Management & Operations Personnel in Place
  • Potentially Assumable Supply & Customer Agreements
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • R&D Pipeline to Additional Products

While continuing to operate, the Company anticipates filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to simplify its capital structure as it continues to operate in the market and serve its existing customer base and pipeline of new business.

An opportunity exists to serve as a “stalking horse” bidder in advance of a filing. A prepetition “stalking horse” bidder may have the early advantage of negotiating transaction documents, case milestones, and customary “stalking horse” protections. Potential designation of a “stalking horse” bidder, Hilco Streambank’s retention, and any case milestones will be subject to Bankruptcy Court approval.

Interested parties should reach out to Hilco Streambank directly to request a nondisclosure agreement and additional materials contained in a virtual data room.

For more information, email: PROJECT+NANO@HILCOGLOBAL.COM

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