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Hilco Streambank presents Project Symphony (the “Company”), a technology company that developed products enabling simultaneous media streaming and co-watching user experience in multiple locations with a communications platform connecting the consumers. The core technology is a cloud-based, cross-platform interoperability system optimized for social and digital media.

Opportunity Overview

Indication of Interest

For purchase of the company or purchase of the IP portfolio.

May 12, 2023 / 12:00 PM ET


The Company has achieved commercial success with apps available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The apps support user to user communication in the form of text messaging, sharing of content in real time including live audio and video, in a manner that is compatible with most popular media players and streaming services.

The Company’s core technology dates back to 2009 and has grown through in-house software development as well as acquisition of software and patents. The iOS and Android platforms are customizable for any industry vertical where audio coincides with other multimedia content such as user-generated video clips or artist music videos. The same codebase may be compiled and distributed with a variety of customizations for brands, individual artists, labels, or product segments.

Project S 1

The current technology stack supports the following revenue streams:

  • Subscription, including a revenue sharing arrangement between the Company and specific content providers including celebrity white-labeled fan apps as well as media copyright holders.
  • Ad Inventory – traditional and targeted ads
  • Brand Activations – pre-game sponsorship opportunities, brand wraps, etc.
  • Micropayments
  • Music Royalty affiliate fees

The Company has a strong patent portfolio with filing dates as early as 2011. The portfolio currently contains 19 issued US patents. The Company also has global coverage with 65 patents in major global markets including China, Israel, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union.

The Company engaged Hilco Streambank to evaluate certain patents in its portfolio for potential enforcement and licensing. The focus of this effort was on 3 patents in the area of simultaneous synchronized consumption of streaming media with supported user-to-user interactions. Claim charts directed to various co-watching services can be made available.

Parties seeking Company specific information should contact Gabe Fried, Karl Maersch, or Stella Silverstein for a confidentiality agreement.

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