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Receiver Services

Hilco helps trustees and receivers manage their intellectual property (IP) sales with industry-leading expertise, diligence, and creativity. Intangible assets are often overlooked on a balance sheet but provide a meaningful recovery to the estate in chapter 7 cases. Assets we help our clients manage include:

  • Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks
  • Royalty Streams
  • Patents
  • Proprietary Software
  • Customer Data
  • License Agreements
  • IPv4 Addresses
  • Domain Names
  • Media Archives
  • Litigation Claims and Judgements
  • Spectrum Licenses
  • Copyrights

We are experts in conducting credible, time-bound processes for the sale of assets, having served chapter 7 trustees and receivers throughout the country. We understand the urgency and intricacies of selling intellectual property.

Our team includes former restructuring lawyers well-familiar with the bankruptcy process. We are effective intermediaries between interested parties and trustees, who are often faced with an estate with little funding and a need to quickly triage or wind down various parts of the business.

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