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Hilco Streambank Seeks Offers to Acquire Streaming Media Tech Company with Patent Portfolio

Mar 14, 2023
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Mar 14, 2023, New York, New York: Hilco Streambank (, a leading intellectual property advisory firm specializing in the valuation and monetization of intangible assets, announced “Project Symphony,” the sale of a technology platform (the “Company”) of products enabling simultaneous media streaming and co-watching user experience in multiple locations with a communications platform connecting the consumers.

Indications of interest to acquire the assets are due by April 28, 2023.

The Company has created a mobile app, with versions for both iOS and Android devices, allowing for the synchronization and socialization of music playback across devices, service providers, platforms, and geographies. The cloud-based, cross-platform interoperability system at the core of the technology enables multiple end-user experience applications and business models and supports a number of revenue streams.

“Project Symphony is a social music app enabling customers in different locations to stream music together and share content live, combining audio with other streaming media to create a unique, combined listening experience, as well as letting artists and celebrities connect to their fans,” commented Gabe Fried, CEO of Hilco Streambank. “The platforms can be customized to any industry vertical supporting multimedia streaming, and tailored in numerous ways for various brands, artists, labels, or product segments.”

Karl Maersch, Senior Vice President at Hilco Streambank and a former patent litigator and corporate monetization attorney, notes, “In developing the app, the Company has amassed a large, well-crafted patent portfolio related to streaming media that should be of interest to many companies in the streaming marketplace, particularly anyone providing co-watching services.”

An interested party can purchase the Company’s assets, which include a sizable, internationally registered patent portfolio including 19 issued US patents and 65 patents in major global markets. Claim charts covering 3 of the Company’s patents in the area of simultaneous synchronized consumption of streaming media with supported user-to-user interactions, directed to various co-watching services, can be made available.

Parties interested in learning more about the assets and sale process can click here or contact Hilco Streambank directly using the contact information provided below.


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Karl Maersch



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About Hilco StreambankHilco Streambank is a market leading advisory firm specializing in intellectual property disposition and valuation. Having completed numerous transactions including sales in publicly reported Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy cases, private transactions, and online sales through IPv4.Global, Hilco Streambank has established itself as the premier intermediary in the consumer brand, internet, and telecom communities. Hilco Streambank is part of Northbrook, Illinois based Hilco Global, the world’s leading authority on maximizing the value of business assets by delivering valuation, monetization and advisory solutions to an international marketplace. Hilco Global operates more than twenty specialized business units offering services that include asset valuation and appraisal, retail and industrial inventory acquisition and disposition, real estate and strategic capital equity investments.

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