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Hilco Global Mexico

Proven Solutions for Business Challenges Involving Assets in Latin America

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For firms with assets located in Latin America, Hilco Global Mexico – a Hilco Global Company – offers unparalleled worldwide resources to help maximize the value of fixed assets and/or structured financings collaterals. For nearly a quarter century we have worked closely with a wide range of businesses across the region, providing valuation, monetization and structured finance servicing and advisory expertise to help efficiently and effectively address and resolve their wide-ranging challenges.

Toward that end, our team has:

  • Conducted inventory and machinery and equipment valuations
  • Monetized a wide variety of machinery and equipment from industrial facilities
  • Performed retail asset disposition and acquisition
  • Performed credit portfolio due diligence and structured financings servicing
  • Executed on commercial accounts receivable portfolios
  • Valued, sold, and redeveloped real estate

Beyond our leading experts located within the country, we are further distinguished by our ability to leverage the vast resources of Hilco Global, including an extensive worldwide disposition and acquisition network that helps maximize both sell- and buy-side optionality and return.

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Samuel CUADRO CS 1
Samuel Suchowiecky
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Chief Executive Officer at Hilco Global Mexico phone vcard linkedin

Hugo Alarcón

Chief Financial Officer
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Fernando CUADRO CS

Fernando Zúñiga

Managing Director Valuation and Monetization
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Moises Nahmad

Valuation and Asset Management Director
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Raúl de la Sierra

Deputy Managing Director, Servicing & Special Projects
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jaiime CUADRO CS

José Jaime Díaz

Portfolio Management Director
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Hilco Global Mexico Appointed Primary Servicer of Major Payroll Loan Company in Mexico
Hilco Global Mexico Appointed Primary Servicer of Major Payroll Loan Company in Mexico

Sep 15, 2021, In recent weeks, Hilco Terracota, a subsidiary of Hilco Global and Hilco Global Mexico, was appointed as the Primary Servicer of one of the major Payroll Loan ...