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Actual Experience PLC Hilco Streambank
Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank (“Hilco”) is seeking offers to acquire the intellectual property assets of Actual Experience Plc (In Administration) (“Actual Experience” or the “Company”) on behalf of the Joint Administrators of the Company, Jonathan Dunn and Andrew Sheridan of FRP Advisory Trading Limited.

Under Offer

A leading provider of digital experience quality analytics, Actual Experience established itself as a key player in the digital experience space, offering innovative solutions that provide comprehensive insights into user experiences across various digital platforms. An analytics-as-a-service company for the digital workplace, the Company has been an AIM-listed entity since 2014, making notable strides in the development of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solutions, offering patented algorithms and advanced analytics solutions that accurately predict and improve individual and collective employee experiences within digital workplaces.

Actual Experience positioned itself at the forefront of the emergent DEX category, with its patented HX Score serving as the definitive metric for organisations striving for optimal employee experiences. Having recently launched its new SaaS platform, the Company saw strong traction in the market, evidenced by the increasing inquiries for specific DEX tools and solutions. Through strategic client relationships with leading global entities such as Verizon, Vodafone, and Logicalis, Actual Experience showcased its market relevance and demonstrated the potential of DEX-based solutions.

With a strong emphasis on forward-looking product development, prior to Administration, the Company had built a whole new web portal for its newest offering, using cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks. Further, the company was actively pursuing innovative partnerships and regulatory compliance alignment to solidify its position as a necessity in the evolving digital workplace landscape, with several high-profile potential clients keen to partner with them. In 2022, the Company recorded revenue of £1.18m

This acquisition opportunity offers entry into the rapidly expanding DEX market to capitalise on the legacy and reputation of Actual Experience as a trusted provider of high-impact DEX solutions, securing the Company’s technology and associated IP assets to exploit the increasing demand for DEX transformation initiatives.

Available Assets

The Actual Experience Brand

The Actual Experience is highly regarded and well-known in the market. Actual Experience cemented its position as a leading provider of innovative solutions, delivering comprehensive insights into user experiences across diverse digital platforms.

Actual Experience has solidified its brand position at the forefront of the emergent DEX category. The brand is known for its notable strides in developing cutting-edge DEX solutions, underpinned by patented algorithms and advanced analytics tools that predict and enhance individual and collective employee experiences within digital work environments.

The recent launch of its new SaaS platform has garnered significant traction in the market, underscored by a surge in inquiries for specific DEX tools and solutions. Testament to the brand’s position in the market, the Company secured strategic partnerships with global entities such as Verizon, Vodafone, and Logicalis, demonstrating the strength of its brand and market relevance and showcasing the profound potential of DEX-based solutions within the industry.

With its strong legacy and reputation as a reliable provider of high-impact DEX solutions, acquiring the Actual Experience brand presents an exceptional opportunity for investors seeking a strategic entry into the rapidly expanding DEX market.

Trade Marks

The Company holds a portfolio of over 30 registered trade marks covering the “Actual” and “Actual Experience” brand names and logos, along with variations on the brand name, with international coverage.

Full details on the Company’s trade marks are available via a virtual data room.


The Company’s innovative, proven, and previously revenue-generating technology is available to acquire. Leveraging patented technology developed over a decade of academic research, the Company achieved significant milestones in digital workplace analytics.

Actual Experience’s analytics are uniquely positioned to analyse the human experience of digital services, enabling organisations to make informed decisions to optimise their digital experiences for customers and employees alike. The Company’s analytics profoundly evaluate how the digital workplace affects employees and the overall business, providing actionable insights for meaningful enhancements.

Powered by a decade of research, their patented analytics decode complex IT data into human-centric metrics, enabling organisations to optimise digital experiences for customers and employees. By deploying Digital Users and their unique HX scores, they continuously collected crucial data, empowering organisations to prioritise transformation initiatives and seamlessly adapt to the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work environments.

Actual Experience redefined technology capabilities and workforce optimisation by providing comprehensive, unbiased evaluations, revolutionising the digital workplace experience without direct employee involvement.

A full export of the Company’s source code, held in Gitlab, and accompanying documentation is available to acquire.


The Company’s suite of granted patents and applications safeguard its inventive methodology for monitoring software application performance on network-attached computing devices, including monitoring information exchange within the network, measuring performance indicator metrics, and deriving a comprehensive indicator parameter. The method involves a dynamic calculation process influenced by user-entered scores and triggers diagnostic traces for efficient issue identification and resolution.

Full details on the Company’s patents are available via a virtual data room.

Domain Names & Website Content

The primary domain name is available to acquire, along with a range of additional Actual-branded domain names and miscellaneous technology-related domain names.

Full details on the Company’s domain names are available via a virtual data room.

The Company owns the copyright in the website content hosted at the domains, showcasing the Company and its technology offering.

Social Media Accounts

Rights in the social media accounts are also available to acquire across LinkedIn and Twitter.

Full details on the Company’s social media accounts are available via a virtual data room.

Sale Process

All expressions of interest and bids are to be directed to Hilco in writing. A Bid Submission Form is available on request. Please contact Hilco to gain access to a virtual data room of further information on signing a confidentiality agreement.

Terms and Conditions

The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.

The bidder acknowledges that Hilco acts as an agent for the Joint Administrators who offer for sale only what right, title and interest (if any) the Company possesses in the assets. Such sale will be without any warranties, expressed or implied. The information provided has not been verified by Hilco or the Joint Administrators and bidders are deemed to have carried out their own due diligence.

VAT, if applicable, at 20% will be added to the price. A non-refundable deposit of 20% will be payable by the buyer within 48 hours of bid acceptance. A buyer’s premium of 10% of the sale price is payable by the winning bidder. Legal completion to occur within 5 business days of bid acceptance. Hilco’s full Terms and Conditions apply.

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