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Commercialized Financial Modeling SaaS Company

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Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is pleased to offer for sale the software and patents enabling a commercialized large data financial modeling SaaS company.

Accepting Offers
Technology Overview

For generations, financial modelers and solution providers have been building custom software using spreadsheets. While amazing when done well, the practice is fraught with end user computing “spreadsheet risk” including versioning nightmares, modeling gymnastics, headache-inducing debugging, and many unknown types of hidden errors. At the same time, software engineers have struggled to match the rich UI/UX and flexibility of a spreadsheet, while failing to deliver the computational transparency so many end-users desire. Both approaches yield lost collaboration opportunities around the model, the development process, and the resulting business decisions. Perhaps worst of all, time to market—the ultimate weapon in today’s software-driven world—often suffers mightily.

The company’s SaaS spreadsheet web app and rich API were purpose built to solve all of this. Individually, or in combination, they will deliver end-user happiness in record time.

Users can expect:

  • Rich Visualization
  • Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis
  • Version Management
  • Business Logic Entitlements
  • Easy & Powerful API
  • Audit Control
  • Real-Time External Database Queries
Available Assets
  • Software Platform Codebase
  • U.S. Issued Utility Patents Protecting Technology
  • Acquisition, Investment, or Acquihire Opportunity

Interested parties should reach out to Hilco Streambank to obtain a nondisclosure agreement and additional information. Offers will be reviewed as and when received.

For more information, email: PROJECT+FINMODEL@HILCOGLOBAL.COM

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