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Commercial Industrial

Hilco’s Approach

The Hilco Commercial Industrial platform merges strengths from across our industrial, Valuation, Advisory and Capital Solutions practices to deliver uniquely innovative and highly effective solutions for any situation.

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Our Industries
Aerospace & Defense

The rapidly evolving Aerospace & Defense landscape is undergoing dramatic supply chain recalibration, while continuing to pursue lower emissions and aggressive energy-efficiency targets. Simultaneously, the need for accelerated production across defense and space manufacturing have created operational, cash flow and other challenges that Hilco can help legacy companies and new market entries address efficiently and effectively.


Strong global demand continues for products grown in regions around the world, even as regulatory factors challenge profitability and climate change adds growing season complexity. Our team expertly guides tangible and intangible asset acquisition and disposition strategies that ensure liquidity and enable companies to keep pace and lead via timely and appropriate scientific, technological and equipment-based investment


The industry’s expansive ICE to EV transition is still only in its infancy, yet the impacts to legacy suppliers and traditional OEMs are already being felt, with long-term viability for many at risk. From re-envisioning operational models and identifying strategic partners, to creating liquidity by unlocking underutilized asset value and raising capital, Hilco’s experienced Automotive and Mobility teams are ideally qualified to assist long-time market participants and new entries alike.


With global chemical supply chains under immense pressure and normal flows of products still delayed prices have spiked to unsustainable levels. Still, the march toward achieving mandated plastic recycling sustainability goals goes on, with significant investment needed to achieve those targets. Our team’s longstanding involvement and experience advising and facilitating a variety of transactions across the Chemicals industry can greatly assist companies facing these and other notable challenges.


Months of declines in residential building permits and housing starts are likely to persist amid continued inflationary pressure and higher interest rates. At the same time, demand for office space in metropolitan areas has dwindled, impacting those builders and their suppliers as well. With proven success in helping those across the construction industry over more than three decades, Hilco is the partner of choice for a growing number of businesses experiencing operational and liquidity challenges in the current environment.

Electronics & Technology

Insatiable demand for smart electronic devices, shorter product lifecycles and an increasing focus and preference for products that are manufactured and operate in an environmentally responsible manner are shaping a new reality for those across the market. From operational advisory solutions to asset valuation, monetization expertise and capital solutions, Hilco is ideally positioned to assist businesses across the Electronics and Technology supply chain.


From diversification of supply to security of energy sources and facilities, and the strain of the ongoing transition to low-carbon emissions and biofuels, the industry is facing significant headwinds and complex decisions on where and how to prioritize investment. With vast and proven experience across a wide range oil and gas businesses, the Hilco team is able to develop and execute creative and timely strategies that strategically combine services from across our advisory, valuation, monetization and capital solutions platform.

Food & Beverage

Rising commodity costs, the need to secure and retain skilled talent, and management of supply chain relationships are all key considerations for Food & Beverage operators in the current environment. From operational improvement to asset monetization, restructuring and capital deployment, Hilco’s cross-disciplinary team brings proven solutions to address a multitude of challenges and opportunities.

Forestry Products

Lumber markets have trended down from their heights but still remain at the very high end of their historical 20-year range. And mill operators continue to struggle with high energy costs, low demand and concerns over downsizing their existing workforce and not being able to secure skilled labor again when they need it. From implementing performance improvement measures and restructuring debt to the disposition and acquisition of underutilized equipment, plants and real estate, the Hilco team has the industrial expertise to assist both distressed and healthy operators and suppliers in the market.

Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Both healthcare delivery and pharma operational costs continue their upward spiral amid the current period of inflation. Disjointed processes resulting from ever-changing regulatory requirements and concerns over continued under staffing, drug pricing and reimbursement constraints are among the top challenges facing providers and manufacturers. From revenue cycle assessment and accounts receivable review to payor contract analysis and data analytics implementation, Hilco’s Health Care and Pharmaceutical industry experts can help organizations to effectively address a multitude of Reta and time sensitive challenges.

Machinery & Equipment

M&E values across industries are constantly changing, as are the needs and requirements of those who around the world who rely upon these hard working assets in the delivery of their services and production of their goods. Hilco has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering highly reliable values based on the strength of our M&E disposition and appraisal expertise. The most extensive proprietary data on historical value trends, a global marketing and disposition platform and pre-qualified, ready buyers around the world, make Hilco Industrial your M&E partner of choice.

Metals & Mining

Inflationary pressure is driving prices lower and could inhibit both exploration and M&A activity. Meanwhile, commodity demand tied to energy transition needs is likely to lead to an outpacing of the industry’s ability to ramp up supply. Actively engaged in the Metals industry for nearly three decades, the Hilco team has consistently provided highly accurate valuations and effective disposition solutions for many of the industry’s leading companies.


The printing industry is in a substantially transitional phase as digital media further establishes its dominance over traditional print sources and the volume of paper moving through printers/copiers in office settings remains low, among other developments. Hilco’s expertise and capabilities can assist companies across the industry to free up capital resources, invest strategically and capitalize on emerging opportunities in areas such as ecommerce packaging/printing partnership, IOT technologies and value creation in the home office market.


Investment in AI, semiconductor chip supply and the online platforms that will facilitate the immersive future offerings of the Metaverse will become increasingly important for Telecom companies in the year ahead. Determining how best to prioritize those investments, as well as how to fund and operationalize them, will be critical to those endeavors. Hilco Industrial’s unique cross-disciplinary advisory, valuation, monetization and capital solutions teams can help structure and activate comprehensive strategies to empower business recovery, expansion and growth.

Textiles & Apparel

Investment in the latest quilting, lace and spinning machinery is being fueled by high demand for the type of detailed, seamless and embroidered garments this highly automated equipment can produce. With these developments certain to impact the Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV) of wide range equipment utilized by manufacturers, our experienced Valuations and Monetization experts can help provide highly accurate appraisals as well as tailored disposition strategies designed to unlock maximum asset value.


The high cost of everything from fuel and insurance to new and used vehicles and replacement parts continues to challenge fleet operators. More widespread investment in technology, recruitment and retention, however, stand to help the industry on its course to recovery this year. As an operator of our own Semi Truck fleet leasing and sales business and a valued advisory, appraisal and monetization resource to other operators and suppliers across the industry, Hilco is uniquely qualified to assist both distressed and healthy businesses across the transportation continuum.

Waste Management

The industry is facing not only a demanding regulatory environment amid escalated energy costs, but also limited land use options and a costly, ongoing transition to sustainable waste management practices. With a deep understanding of historical asset values, a proven track record of delivering highly accurate equipment appraisals, and a global base of pre-qualified, ready buyers, Hilco Industrial is ideally suited to support the needs and goals of both healthy and distressed businesses across the industry.

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