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Image Data Conversion

Image Data Conversion


Hilco Streambank was retained by the secured lender of Image Data Conversion, LLC to market and sell the serials in microfilm collection owned by the company and its affiliate. The collection represented one of the largest single collections of microfilm ever assembled, with thousands of titles across various academic and mainstream periodicals, some dating back centuries. Built up over 80 years, the collection contained nearly 500,000 volume years, encompassing nearly 15,000 titles highly acclaimed and widely accepted as important by the academic, public and special library communities. Click here for more details about the collection.

The Process

Hilco Streambank identified and reached out to the major institutions in the market, including the top global libraries, universities, and collectors, as well as companies that focus on archiving, preserving and digitizing the world’s written works. Several parties emerged with a particular interest in the collection.


A Sale of the collection closed in May 2019. The identity of the buyer and deal terms were not disclosed.


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