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Diversity Equity Inclusion

As the world’s leading authority on valuing and understanding assets, we know that our people are our greatest asset of all.

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Our Commitment
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Our Commitment

As the world’s leading authority on valuing and understanding assets, we know that our people are our greatest asset of all.  Fostering and building a diverse and highly talented workforce is vital to our success and our ability to build a thriving company which can have a positive impact on society.  It is only through the dedication, thought leadership and hard work of our people that we can successfully serve our clients and keep growing.

We believe that a diverse workforce is the best way to find new thought leadership, alternative perspectives, a range of solutions and better overall decision making.  It is central to solving the toughest business challenges that our clients face in today’s complex economy.

Our culture has always been highly entrepreneurial and collaborative which means we must find and support a diverse workforce environment that welcomes differences, and that encourages input from all perspectives.  We take pride in having the best talent in the business and finding this world class talent means we must and have a commitment to seeking the broadest pool of applicants across all races, color, religion, sex, age, disability, and sexual orientation. That differ by gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, as well as by industry and background.

We understand that we have more work to do, and we remain dedicated to diversity and inclusion within, to expanding our workforce and ensuring an inclusive culture at all levels of the organization.  This means adding to existing initiatives and launching new ones including hiring, development, promotion, and retention that will concentrate on reaching out to diverse candidates and populations.


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Racial & Ethnic Diversity in Management

Business Resource Groups
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Business Resource Groups

Hilco Global Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are designed to support our diversity and inclusion goals, provide a forum for diverse perspectives, and connect people across the organization. These are employee-led teams with a similar affinity to help Hilco engage, develop, and advance a more diverse workforce and have an explicit impact on our business strategy and growth.  All groups are inclusive beyond the core affinity group and actions focus on impacting our colleagues, our clients and our communities.  Specific focus is on expanding employee networks and relationships, strengthening business and client impact, and engaging in community actions that impact each diverse group.  To date, Hilco has launched two BRGs, Women and Pride, and is in the process of launching more.

  • The Hilco Women’s BRG enhances the workplace experience for women building a strong network of support from all genders and backgrounds within the firm. View the Women's Business Resource Group Directory
  • The Hilco PRIDE BRG enhances the workplace experience for LGBTQ+ employees by increasing awareness, building alliances, and supporting career advancement and progression.