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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Social Governance

Hilco Global has implemented ESG solutions for clients, investment partners and our employees for many years.

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Our Commitment

As an early adopter of Environmental, Social and Governance into both our business philosophy and operational processes, Hilco Global remains deeply committed to develop and implement business strategies that not only support our clients’ needs but also have a positive impact on the communities in which we do business around the world.

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Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a firmwide passion. We actively support environmental sustainability through a wide range of activities.

  1. Investment partnerships and transactions
  2. Significant real estate remediation and urban development projects led by Hilco Redevelopment Partners in major metropolitan areas like Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Jersey City, etc. These real estate projects meet and often exceed US and sustainability and carbon emissions standards.
  3. And through dozens of annual employee engagement and philanthropic programs

These initiatives often focus on minimizing the environmental impact of our client’s business operations by working with the management teams to reduce waste, conserve national resources, and to adopt more efficient processes that reduce detrimental emissions and pollution.

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Social Economic Impact

Our strategy seeks to implement investments that will lead to a significant, positive effect on local labor forces and economies. We believe that to have true economic and social impact we must promote social responsibility and encourage positive behaviors among employees and customers. Toward this end, we are dedicated to creating safe and inclusive working environments, supporting local communities, and carefully assessing the ethical implications associated with any potential business decisions.

Our worldwide initiative, “Hilco Helps” support causes and not-for-profit organizations that help enhance the lives and maximize the potential of the world’s most important assets: people.

In addition to millions of dollars of support (through in-kind and direct donations, marketing efforts and sponsorship), Hilco Helps programs provide internship opportunities to mentor and engage young people and involve our employees, who donative their time to relief efforts in disaster zones, churches, schools, and other settings around the world.

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Corporate Governance

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and governance and have worked diligently to create a culture of inclusion and compliance born of one of our core values: INTEGRITY.

At Hilco, governance begins with embracing an overarching philosophy that doing good is good for business. To ensure that the business we do is guided by the highest legal, ethical, and moral standard, we have established protocols and process designed to ensure that our ongoing and consistent compliance with all applicable U.S. and Global customs, laws, and regulations.

As a privately held company, we long ago established a corporate Board of Directors at Hilco Global to help us set the highest standards, protocols and procedures for our operating company leaders and employees. Our Board members each possess deep experience, that collectively serves to ensure the organization continuously delivers upon its fiduciary and ethical responsibilities. Among other contributions, the board has established and is responsible for monitoring the following:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Audit Committee
  • Compensation Committee
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Vision