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Alternative Financing

Hilco is a leading provider of liquidity services to companies seeking to address a wide range of opportunities and challenges.

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About Alternative Financing
Planning Ahead and Leveraging Underutilized Assets

From developing liquidity risk prevention strategies to unlocking unrealized value in a timely manner from tangible and intangible assets, to providing working capital as a specialty, merchant bank– our liquidity experts partner closely with client management teams to drive highly tailored solutions that help ensure successful asset liquidation.

One of the key reasons why Hilco Global is a leader in liquidity services is its ability to quickly and efficiently provide cash to businesses in need of liquidity. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the financial markets and can identify opportunities to generate cash from a wide range of assets, including inventory, machinery, and real estate. This allows us to provide cash quickly and efficiently to businesses facing a range of financial challenges.

We have also developed innovative financing solutions that provide businesses with access to capital when traditional financing sources are not available or are insufficient. Our alternative financing solutions include asset-based lending, factoring, and bridge financing, among others. These solutions are designed to provide businesses with the flexibility and capital they need to grow and succeed.

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