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Diligence Services

Our unmatched experience in valuing virtually every industry translates into the industry’s most effective field examination and deal-specific diligence services provider

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About Diligence Services

We understand the value of due diligence and the impact it has on the outcome of a transaction. That is why our pre-acquisition diligence services provide clients the clarity needed to approach transactions with 360-degree confidence.

At Hilco Global, we perform diligence engagements that provide private equity firms with quick, actionable insights that validate existing investment theses, analyze current and planned operating initiatives, and develop a road map for post-deal value creation success. Our team consists of financial and operational experts in the areas of Production and Manufacturing, Distribution & Transportation Operations, Procurement, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, IT, and M&A Integration. We have extensive experience delivering on both buy-side and sell-side diligences. We work with private equity firms by engaging in a comprehensive approach to due diligence across three service offerings. Hilco Global’s flexible diligence approach permits clients to tailor the exact scope of work and priorities based on the situation at hand, their specific diligence gaps, deal calendar and other unique deal factors.

As the world’s preeminent authority on helping healthy and distressed companies and their stakeholders derive maximum value for their assets, Hilco Global can serve as a one-stop shop for field exam and appraisal services. With over a century of combined real market experience, it would be difficult to name an industry that our team has not served.  We provide clients a reliable basis for structuring asset-based loans and other transactions through our diligence expertise, which is augmented by our credit, lending, work out, liquidation and syndications experience.

  • Operational Diligence
  • Prospective Financial & Data Diligence
  • Historical Financial & Accounting Diligence
  • One-Stop Shop for Field Exams & Appraisal Services

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