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About Real Estate Capital Deployment

Hilco Real Estate (HRE) can be a buyer, capital partner and/or lender in short-term real estate investment scenarios, including:

  • Bridge Loans: Using HRE valuation expertise to assess collateral, we provide structured short-term loans in select situations.
  • Sale-Leaseback: Capital to provide companies with flexible alternatives for asset optimization
  • Banks’ Distressed Debt Buys: Collaboration with banks who are seeking to reduce their troubled debt exposure, with strategies for liquidating their real estate loan portfolio.
  • Corporate Distressed Debt Buys: Uncover strategic capital sources for companies carrying debt that is meaningfully collateralized by real estate
  • Liquidations: In partnership with other Hilco business unit client engagements, HRE offers alternatives when real estate sales may be a value-add consideration.

What Hilco Real Estate offers:

  • Vast resources to assist with turbulent market inflection, troubled partnership situations, lender/borrower relationship stress, and time sensitive capital needs due to liquidity disruption.
  • Tailored and flexible structures on properties with impaired tenancy, which are not yet stabilized or require market repositioning or financial re-engineering.
  • Synergistic acquisition bridge financing to buyers of property sold by HRE’s asset sales team, including in-house valuation, underwriting and closing of transactions under tight time constraints and within a variety of complex market or property situations.
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