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Buyer Identified for Nationally Recognized Sporting Goods Retailer

Excess Inventory – Clearance Centers

Operating under a fee for service structure, this retailer retained Hilco to help monetize $132MM of non-conforming inventory and end of season shelf pulls. Hilco was able to successfully negotiate a deal in which all inventory was purchased by a single buyer at a price in excess of the retailer’s expectations, and over 150 trailer loads were transported within a week of funding.

Problem to Solve
  • This healthy, nationally recognized, sporting goods retailer found itself with a large amount of inventory that did not conform to their current merchandise strategy.
  • Unable to sell the inventory through their stores, this company needed an alternative solution to monetize the non-conforming inventory.
Solutions Provided
  • 1 buyer
  • 150 trailer loads of merchandise shipped within a week
Hilco Performance Solutions
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Hilco Performance Solutions

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