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Enhanced Analytics and Reporting Help Drive Effective Integration

Post Deal Integration
A new private equity (PE) platform was built from 15 add-on acquisitions to achieve revenue synergies across the entities. Identifying potential synergies and implementing improvements was made difficult and time consuming due to incompatible systems, disparate data and limited IT and finance resources, resulting in slower and less effective integration. As integration fell behind schedule, the platform experienced revenue stagnation, limited visibility to sales drivers, no sales force accountability, and lengthy cycle times to produce even standard financial reports for frustrated investors, management and sales staff. The PE sponsor asked Hilco Performance Solutions to provide data analytics, reporting and implementation resources to address these challenges. The initial report was delivered in only five days with an enterprise-wide dashboard rollout within four weeks.
Key Opportunities Identified by Hilco Performance Solutions Analysis
  • Consolidate financial and operational reporting
  • Create KPIs for monitoring
  • Identify pricing opportunities
  • Develop predictive analytics to improve forecasting
  • Set performance targets for accountability
  • Improve customer service levels
Solutions Implemented by Hilco Performance Solutions
  • Created financial and operating “dashboards” and KPIs
  • Identified performance laggards / drivers
  • Set realistic sales targets / accountability
  • Reduced reporting cycle time from 6 weeks to 2 days
  • Executed cross-sell and pricing optimization
  • Reduced CapEx on system

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