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Samuel Suchowiecky

Chief Executive Officer
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About Samuel

Samuel Suchowiecky is CEO at Hilco Global Mexico. He has vast expertise in delivering valuation, monetization and advisory services for companies conducting business in Mexico and across Latin America. Samuel’s deep understanding of the nuances associated with managing the affairs of both distressed and healthy businesses with locations within the borders of Mexico and across South America has been instrumental in delivering optimal outcomes for a multitude of companies, lenders, investors and other creditors. From engagements including master and substitute servicing roles to those focused on the liquidation of large industrial facilities involving thousands of assets and many others, Samuel has gained a reputation in the market for expertly guiding Hilco Global Mexico’s management and hands-on field teams to deliver innovative, timely and successful results for a wide range of clients.

Prior to joining Hilco Global, Samuel was Senior Associate of Kuri Breña, Sanchez Ugarte y Aznar, a renowned corporate law firm based in Mexico City as well as Managing Director of a Real Estate group.

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Hilco Global Mexico

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