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P448’s Regenerative Sustainability® Program Continues its Educational Spotlight on Invasive Species with the Launch of its Burmese Python Sneaker

Feb 20, 2024
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“A big part of sustainability is creating value from new materials, thus rethinking what we know as luxury – bombarding the consumer with facts and figures isn’t as effective as education.” said StreetTrend Founder & Executive Chairman Wayne Kulkin.

Carving its path as an innovative fashion company with creative sustainability solutions, P448 continues its eco-friendly message of trying to help solve an environmental crisis while protecting the biodiversity with its “Regenerative Sustainability®” program. For the resort season, the brand launches its Burmese python sneaker. This is the 3rd dedicated capsule to educate, spotlight and bring awareness to the vast issues posed by invasive species to our environment – previous P448 invasive species sneaker capsules included the lionfish and carp fish.

P448 Python 17819 1.1 (1)
Dawn Kalil, Python Removal Contractor in the Florida Everglades

Native to Southeast Asia, the Burmese python entered the Everglades National Park region through pet trade at the end of the 20th century becoming an established breeding population in South Florida.  Burmese pythons are amongst the largest snakes on earth. Capable of reaching up to 23 feet in length and weighing up to 200lbs, this carnivore preys on a wide variety of birds, mammals and crocodilian species occupying the Everglades, which in turn has led to the sharp decline of these species in that region. Burmese pythons disrupt the ecosystem by preying on native species, outcompeting native species for food or other resources and/or disrupt the physical nature of the environment.

P448 Python 17455 1.1 (1)
P448 Bali Burmese Python Sneaker

P448 has adopted a modern sustainability approach to discover new materials from predatory creators causing destruction to the environment. Then, repurpose its skins to reuse in a positive manner whilst creating an awareness message – takes months of research, tannery testing and trial samples to ensure that the skins are able to be properly used in a wearable yet durable pair of P448 sneakers. “P448 has a deep interest in sustainability, and challenges itself to look at sustainability in a different way by putting in the work, time and money to source new ideas to achieve the best future environmental results. In doing so, it is blazing a trail as a pioneer in the field,” said Sabrina Cohen, Chief Product & Sustainability Officer.

The Burmese python sneaker trim is boldly detailed with repurposed natural black and white python skin from the invasive species within the front tip, tongue and heel areas of its strikingly chic silhouette. P448 strives to work & collaborate with certified suppliers, complaint materials, local factories and eco-friendly components. In this capsule, P448 has recycled outsoles, GRS certified leather and fabric lining, Evolo certified velour, 100% organic cotton GRS certified laces as well as recycled brass eyelets.

The brand’s ™ design packaging places its environmental conscious mindset to the forefront of its shipping process as it eliminates the need for a box within a box. P448 products only use in its shipping process a multi-purpose dustbag, which serves to protect the shoes during shipping and doubles as a tote after the shoes are removed. The totes are made with 100% recycled materials, of which no dyes are used in fabric process to reduce any chemical byproduct of printing process, plus has UPC sticker and QR code for care tips to remove need for printed product care cards. The functional dustbag saves overs 2lbs of paper waste per order by eliminating the shoe box.

P448’s main focus is to educate its consumers as well as influence the fashion world in a positive way through its regenerative sustainability practices. One effective tool in helping achieve that goal is through producing films spreading awareness about each invasive species affecting our planet. The Burmese python cinematic docu-movie allows the viewer to experience the complete P448 story circle through the eyes of environmentalists and removal contractors deep in the wilderness of the Everglades world. P448 is also extremely honored to announce that its last regenerative sustainability film on the lionfish story by Perry Curtis, has been chosen for official selection to the 2023 London Fashion Film Festival.

The Burmese python sneaker is available at and select global wholesale partners with a suggested retail price of $595.

ABOUT P448 | P448 is an Italian streetwear brand whose collections are designed to empower the individual in their own authenticity. Our sneakers are thoughtfully designed and crafted in Italy by master artisans. They are worn by makers and creators across the globe. Defined by an eclectic aesthetic, we take inspiration from the streets, underpinned by the underground spirit of subculture. Fans include Bradley Cooper, Joe Jonas, Tyler Hubbard, Jon Hamm, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Addison Rae, Taylor Swift, Dakota Fanning, Gabrielle Union, Kiki Layne, Nico Parker, Rita Ora, Shiri Appleby, Billy Eichner, Maria Menounos, Sophia Amoruso, Arnel Pineda, Neil Perry, Lea Michelle, Chelsea Handler, Kate Hudson, Olivia Culpo, Lilly Singh, Paul George, Irina Shayk and more…

In 2020, Wayne Kulkin took on full ownership of P448 through StreetTrend LLC, in a joint venture partnership with the financial services and brand investment firm Hilco Global. StreetTrend was formed in 2017 as JV partnership with Jeffrey Hecktman, CEO of the international investment and financial services company Hilco Global, a firm with holdings in several retail and fashion brands.  Mark Wahlberg has recently become a strategic investor in the Company having taken a significant minority stake in the business.

StreetTrend designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells several footwear brands including P448 luxury sneakers at select boutiques and online at

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