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A Financial Forensics Primer for Companies and Advisors

By Jordan Donsky
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This article delves into the important role of financial forensics in resolving complex matters and explores numerous scenarios in which the expertise of financial forensics professionals can prove invaluable in achieving positive outcomes.


In the realm of corporate litigation and complex financial disputes, the need for comprehensive financial analysis, expertise, and support is critical. Financial forensics is a multifaceted discipline, encompassing accounting, finance, and economic analysis, and serves as a crucial tool in helping to clarify intricate transactions that include litigation, arbitration, or mediation. Companies and their advisors often engage financial experts to navigate these complex financial landscapes.

When to Employ Financial Forensics

Financial forensics can serve an important role when contentious situations arise, leading to legal disputes concerning various financial matters. These disputes typically encompass property damages, economic losses, investment claims, wage disputes, business valuations, credit analysis, and more. Given the unique nature of businesses and industries, financial forensics employs a variety of methods and procedures, often characterized by order of complexity, due to the potential for large volumes of transactions or records involved.

The Expertise of Financial Forensics Professionals

Financial forensics professionals possess a broad spectrum of skills and experiences, rooted in various financial disciplines. Their expertise often spans corporate finance, valuation, forecasting, banking, investments, asset and liability management, budgeting, auditing, public stock offerings, financial modeling, and real estate-related financial matters. These professionals frequently hold certifications in various areas, including certified public accountants (CPAs), accredited senior appraisers, certified fraud examiners, licensed brokers, financial advisors, certified valuation analysts, and chartered financial analysts (CFFs), among others.

Significance of the CFF Designation

The Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) signifies a specialized expertise in forensic accounting. This designation is granted to CPAs who demonstrate substantial knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of forensic accounting. CFF professionals are equipped with fundamental and specialized forensic accounting skills that are applicable in a wide range of service areas, such as bankruptcy, electronic data analysis, family law, valuations, fraud prevention, detection, and response, financial statement misrepresentation, and damages calculations.

Selecting a Qualified Financial Forensics Partner

The proper application of financial forensics practices is essential in ensuring successful outcomes in the complex world of corporate disputes. Accordingly, businesses and their advisors should take care in selecting only the most highly qualified and proven, credentialed, forensic practitioners and dispute consultants to address circumstances including, but not limited to, damage claims, shareholder disputes, tax controversies and marital dissolutions.

About Hilco Enterprise Valuation Services

The Hilco Financial Forensics Team is a part of Hilco Enterprise Valuation Services (EVS), a leading provider of valuation opinions for lenders, investment firms, advisors and corporations on the realizable value of going concerns, distressed companies, intangible assets and other specialized business assets. Our Financial Forensics Team is comprised of professionals who have served clients in achieving positive outcomes to complex financial disputes for close to three decades. These talented forensic practitioners and other experts have investigated and assessed businesses across a wide range of industries and have been instrumental in successfully resolving hundreds of intricate cases. Unlike many firms, our partners and senior management team members are actively involved in each engagement and are accessible to clients at every step along the financial forensics journey.

At Hilco, we encourage you to reach out to our team today to discuss how our CFF designated experts and tailored solutions can assist you or a client’s business in analyzing and resolving a wide range of complex financial matters. We are here to help.


Jordan Donsky

Director - Disputes Advisory
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