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Field Exams

Field Exam and Appraisal Synchronization:
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Field Exam and Appraisal Synchronization:

Field Exam and Appraisal Synchronization:

To optimize efficiency and effectiveness for our clients throughout the deal life cycle, the Diligence (field exam) teams and Appraisal teams coordinate to achieve adequate synchronization of asset analysis, scope of work, and ensure that deliverables are achieved. Hilco takes great pride in the streamlined execution of field exam solutions and goes beyond the generic, standard check box exam by focusing on:

  • Asset population consistency, to ensure appraisal and field exam data pools are in sync
  • Potential lender red flags, perfection or ownership issues, ineligibles, or reserves, to ensure they are properly identified and navigated

Field examination services

  • Traditional ABL field exam transaction work – AR and inventory borrowing base development and related field exam procedures
  • Complex ABL expertise – multiple operating companies, multiple lines of businesses, cross border/multiple jurisdictions
  • Agented credits, “fallen angels”, club deals and single lender experience
  • Specialty Finance company exams for both commercial and consumer finance
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