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Hilco Streambank’s Role

Brevity Ventures retained Hilco Streambank to create and execute a marketing and sale strategy for substantially all of the company’s assets while operating as a debtor under Chapter 11 in the Delaware bankruptcy court. We prepared materials detailing the available assets, including the patents for the company’s technology, proprietary software modules, domain names, customer contracts, and any physical or virtual assets required to operate the company.

The Patented Technology

Founded in 2010, Brevity Ventures focused on transforming video production and distribution workflows, redefining the time, cost and efficiency required to migrate large media files. With innovative, patented technology, it brought together simultaneous, super-accelerated transport and transcoding, and highly advanced algorithms to provide simple and seamless solutions for video production, post-production, and distribution workflows.

Hilco Streambank Closed the Deal

Hilco Streambank helped the assignee identify and negotiate a stalking horse bid and qualify five additional bidders for an auction. Hilco Streambank conducted broad and targeted outreach to publicize the opportunity to potential buyers. Following the marketing process, Hilco identified two companies interested in Brevity’s technology which led to an auction. Hilco Streambank ultimately sold the Intellectual Property assets for $400,000 to AllDigital Holdings, Inc.


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