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Ibex’s sponsor engaged Hilco Streambank to assist the company in the sale of Ibex’s intellectual property assets. Ibex designed, sourced, marketed and distributed premium Merino wool apparel and accessories for the fashion-conscious outdoor enthusiast. The intellectual property included Ibex’s trademarks, domain names, customer data, social media accounts and Ibex’s proprietary product lifecycle management system.


Hilco Streambank developed a marketing program designed for the Ibex intellectual property assets. We reached out to approximately 200 potentially interested parties with a teaser detailing the opportunity and populated a virtual data room containing confidential materials regarding the assets available for sale. Hilco Streambank emphasized Ibex’s unparalleled brand loyalty – nearly 95% of Ibex’s customers stated they were extremely or very satisfied with Ibex overall – and growth opportunity to expand within wholesale and e-commerce channels. Interested parties demonstrated substantial interest in the assets; more than 50 parties signed non-disclosure agreements in order to be given access to the virtual data room.


The sale of Ibex’s intellectual property closed in early March, 2018. The assets were purchased by Flour Fund for an undisclosed sum.


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