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Jane Parker

Jane Parker


Hilco Streambank was retained by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (the “Company”) to market and sell its intellectual property and related assets, including the Jane Parker® brand.

Brand Background

The Jane Parker® brand was well known for its holiday fruitcakes, with a heritage extending back to the 1930s. Jane Parker Bakery featured breads, pies, rolls and a wide variety of other baked goods. Jane Parker® branded fruit cake products were widely distributed through a variety of online and in-store locations including, Amazon and the Company’s supermarkets.

Marketing Process

Hilco Streambank developed a marketing program designed for the sale of the Jane Parker® brand and related intellectual property assets. We reached out to our network of potential buyers with a teaser detailing the opportunity and populated a virtual data room containing confidential materials regarding the assets available for sale.


In March 2017, the Company closed the sale of the Jane Parker® brand. The terms of the sale have not been disclosed.

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