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Robb & Stucky

Robb & Stucky

Robb & Stucky, as a debtor in a chapter 11 case, retained Hilco Streambank’s predecessor to sell its intellectual property assets. The assets for sale included the Robb & Stucky trademarks, domain names, customer data and toll-free numbers.

Founded in 1915, Robb & Stucky became well known across the United States for its high-end home furnishings. In addition to its residential business, the brand was also internationally known for its resort and hospitality offerings, used by hospitality developers to design and furnish high quality resorts.

We ran a truncated marketing campaign during a 2-month period, concluding with an auction in which 25 bids were submitted. The winning bid was made by Robb & Stucky International, Inc. for $470,000.


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