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Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is pleased to offer for sale the intangible assets supporting the AI-powered, augmented and virtual reality technology company, Action Face. Founded in 2018, Action Face has developed first-of-its-kind technology solutions that allow users to quickly and easily create photorealistic, personalized 3D avatars of themselves by using the camera on their smartphone.

Bid Deadline

April 16, 2024


April 18, 2024


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Action Face is the leading AI powered technology to create a 3D avatar of you!

The 3D avatar can be used digitally in augmented and virtual reality environments, including on social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram, as well as within virtual reality and gaming environments that support user-created avatars.

Through a partnership with the NBA, users can create their lifelike avatars donning their favorite teams’ jerseys. Action Face’s technological advancements also allow users to bring their virtual avatars to the real world as 3D-printed action figures, currently printed to order and fulfilled directly by HP’s HX3D 3D-printing service under their HyperX division.

Valuable commercial partnerships include HyperX and NBALAB.

  • $217B Videogaming Market
  • $71B AR/VR Market by 2028
  • $166B In-App Purchases Market
  • $219B Microtransactions Market
  • 14K+ Unique Users Scanned at NBA Games


Available Assets
  • Codebase Supporting Full Tech Stack
  • Registered Trademarks
  • Domain Names
  • Customer Database
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Assumable NBA License Agreement
  • Assumable HP 3D Printing Agreement

Interested parties should contact Hilco Streambank directly to request a nondisclosure agreement and additional materials contained in a virtual data room.

For more information, email: PROJECT+ACTION@HILCOGLOBAL.COM

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