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Interim & Crisis Management

Hilco Global is a leading provider of interim and crisis management services to distressed companies and their stakeholders, and our expertise in this area is a key factor in our leadership position in turnarounds and workouts.

One of the things that sets Hilco Global apart in this area is our ability to quickly assess a company’s situation and develop a customized plan of action to address the immediate crisis at hand. We have a deep understanding of the key drivers of financial distress and are able to quickly identify the root causes of a company’s problems. This allows us to develop a targeted and effective plan of action to stabilize the situation and prevent further deterioration.

Another strength of Hilco Global in interim and crisis management is our ability to provide experienced and skilled management personnel to step in and run the company on an interim basis. We have a deep bench of seasoned executives with a track record of successfully leading companies through periods of financial distress. This allows us to quickly provide the leadership and expertise needed to stabilize the situation and implement a turnaround plan.

In addition, Hilco Global is known for our ability to work closely with all stakeholders in a distressed situation, including lenders, investors, suppliers, and employees. We are skilled at managing complex stakeholder relationships and are able to build consensus around a plan of action that is in the best interests of all parties involved.

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