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Proper Group International

On modern automobile production high tech assembly line, robots assemble cars at auto industry factory

Proper Group International was a world-class engineering and technology firm, offering everything from rapid prototype development and sophisticated injection molds to production injection molding and precision machining capabilities for the modern transportation industry.

Problem to Solve

In early 2022 the company engaged an investment bank and financial advisor to assist them with a restructuring and sale process.

Solutions Provided

Hilco worked in lockstep with the two advisors to determine how to best assist with various parts of the sale process. Through a detailed and collaborative effort, they identified the most effective strategies for managing and executing the sale. Ultimately, Hilco Commercial Industrial acquired all machinery and equipment assets from the company’s tooling division in Warren, MI. This acquisition not only provided relief to creditors but also brought finality to the sale process.

Hilco Commercial Industrial
Operating Company
Hilco Commercial Industrial

Actionable Capital Solutions Executed Through Operational Expertise and Unmatched Asset Knowledge

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