Corporate Distressed Debt Buys

Hilco Global’s expertise in corporate distressed debt buying services is enhanced by our extensive knowledge of the real estate market. We have a deep understanding of the various factors that can impact the value of real estate assets, including market trends, zoning regulations, and environmental concerns. This allows us to accurately assess the value of distressed real estate assets and identify opportunities for acquisition.

In addition to our expertise in valuing and acquiring distressed corporate debt, we are known for our innovative approach to monetizing these assets. We have a range of tools and techniques at our disposal, including real estate auction services, property management, and disposition strategies. By leveraging these resources, we are able to maximize the value of distressed real estate assets and generate returns for our clients.

Furthermore, Hilco Global’s extensive network of industry contacts and relationships enables us to access unique opportunities and connect buyers with sellers in the distressed corporate debt market. Our deep knowledge of the real estate market and ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends also sets us apart from competitors.

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