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Optical Interconnect Patent Portfolio 
Acquisition Opportunity

Hilco Streambank is offering for sale the patent assets of Adolite. 


With data center infrastructures feeling the pressure of the increasing demand for data, Adolite’s patented technology has led the way in developing highly sophisticated and innovative optical interconnect solutions that support data center expansion and keep pace with demand. Rather than relying on traditional embedded fibers, Adolite’s patented technology uses polymer to create higher-performance optical transceivers and on-board optics, ranging from 100G (gigabits per second) to 1.2T. Adolite’s technology serves multiple markets, including data centers, 5G operators and cloud computing providers. Adolite’s innovative technology allows customers to meet performance requirements, quickly expand infrastructure and deliver more data to more customers faster.



With the combination of laser and silicon integrated optics, Adolite’s hybrid technology allows for higher bandwidth rates, longer transmission distances, and higher speed connections within data centers. Adolite’s FPC optical engine can support 5G optical networks in Fronthaul transceivers, Long-haul optical transceivers and data center transceivers.

Adolite’s Patented FPC
  • Based on specialized polymer materials
  • Single layer structure with optical and electrical traces on the single layer (competitors use three layers)
  • Simple process and lower cost

More information regarding Adolite’s patented technology can be found here
Additional context can also be found 

adolite assets

* Find detailed patent information here.
Sale Process

Hilco Streambank is currently accepting offers for the Adolite patent assets. The seller will entertain offers for the entire patent portfolio, as well as subsets of the portfolio.

Please contact Hilco Streambank for more information about the sale process as well as access to diligence materials.

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