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Andrew Miller

Managing Director
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About Andrew

Andrew Miller is a leading investor and expert in digital assets, including premium domain names, crypto, and NFT’s. An Entrepreneur and Connector, Andrew has a track record for facilitating strategic M&A deals, game changing premium domain name transactions, and NFT investments. He has been a principal in many of the most prominent high value domain name transactions, including recent blockbuster deals for,,, and Andrew is the Founder of, sold to Austin Ventures;, sold to BankRate, and an advisor to/shareholder in Thrasio, one of the leading consumer goods companies in the world. Andrew is a partner in Hilco Digital Assets, a Hilco Global company, and the owner of ATM Holdings, overseeing strategic domain name related investments, merger, acquisitions, and sales for Fortune 500 management, venture capital & PE firms.

Hilco Digital Assets
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Hilco Digital Assets

Investors, Experts, and Advisors on Digital Assets – Domain Names, NFTs, Web 3.0

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Kirstin DiCecca

Vice President of Operations
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Hilco David.Peress

David Peress

Executive Vice President
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