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Financial Restructuring

What sets Hilco Global apart in this area is our ability to provide customized and creative financial solutions to address a company’s specific needs. We have a deep understanding of the complex financial challenges that companies face in distressed situations, and are able to develop innovative solutions to address those challenges. This might include debt restructuring, equity recapitalization, asset sales, or other financial strategies.

Another strength of Hilco Global in financial restructuring is our ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders involved in a distressed situation. We are skilled at managing complex stakeholder relationships, and are able to work with lenders, investors, suppliers, and other parties to develop a comprehensive financial restructuring plan that is in the best interests of all parties involved.

In addition, Hilco Global is known for our expertise in valuation and disposition services, which are critical components of any financial restructuring plan. We are able to provide accurate and reliable valuations of assets, which can help to inform decisions around asset sales and other disposition strategies.

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