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Anu Krishnan

Chief Accounting Officer
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About Anu

Anu Krishnan serves as Chief Accounting Officer for Hilco Global. Her responsibilities include oversight of the corporate accounting function of Hilco Global, setting corporate accounting policy, driving continuous improvement in the company’s internal control environment, and spearheading finance optimization. Anu joined Hilco Global in June 2020 and is leading the company’s finance team to streamline and optimize the organization’s accounting and financial systems.

Hilco Global
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Hilco Global

As a diversified financial services company Hilco Global delivers unsurpassed asset knowledge and expertise to help companies maximize asset value and financial returns at critical inflection points throughout their lifespan.

Hilco Global Colleagues
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Ernest Fiorante

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Hilco Global
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Charmy Shah

Senior Vice President, Strategic and Financial Planning
Hilco Global
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Samuel Weldler

Senior Vice President
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